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Simbolo NODO6 : ABOUT

NODO6 is the commercial brand under which are sold the services of a team that loves what they do and offers the best of them.

NODO 6 has the following MISSION:

To be your technological partner, offering our knowledge and know how in the way that best fits to your needs, adding value to your company through ICT, stablishing long-term relationships.

The VALUES upon which our Mission is based are as follows:

Enthusiasm: We love what we do, and that passion is valued and promoted internally to pass on to our customers.
Knowledge: The world of technology rapidly changes, making it difficult to keep updated and remain experts. We assume that the main value of a company offering technology services, consulting and training is an updated, deep and solid knowledge and to work continuously to achieve this.
Reliability: We want that our customers trust us, creating long-term and both parties enriching relationships. We achieve this with honesty, respect, responsibility, hard work and efficiency.
Efficiency: We seek to optimize internal and external processes to improve service, provide better customer response and minimize costs.
People: We know that in the end everything begins and ends with people, our greatest asset and the object of our work. We chase the fulfillment, happiness and harmony of all people who have contact with our company.
Flexibility: As part of our dedication to the customer, we adapt to the peculiarities of each and the service offered. We responsiveness to new needs.
Excellence: We want to be excellent and to be perceived as such. We look for value creation and we work for continuous improvement in all areas, being self demanding and innovative.

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